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It's Just One Day

Yes, your wedding takes place in just one day. Yes, your proposal also happened one day. You met one day a couple years back or maybe it was last week? We're not judging because when you know, you know! (Yes, I believe the universe planned on having you meet your person, but that is definitely a conversation for another day!)

But these things, this one day takes time to plan.

So how many hours goes into planning a wedding?

The average engagement lasts between 9 to 24 months, but most of our recent couples engagements have been around the year mark. If you spent 4 days a month working on your wedding for just 4 hours, that's 192 hours of work over the course of the year. Most wedding planning takes closer to 250-350 hours to plan. It can be more or less depending on many factors including your theme and the overall vibe you are going for as well as the vendors you choose to hire. Many people choose to plan and organize their own weddings to save money, but do you have that kind of time? Is this how you want to spend EVERY Saturday from now until your wedding? If so, great, go get it! We can help you pull it together at the end and offer support on your wedding day, so keep reading! And if not, we can help save you time and energy! Click here to sign up for a free consultation call!

For those of you who have decided to plan your wedding on your own, you will still need help on your wedding day. You may have heard the term day of coordinator. A "day of" wedding coordinator is an individual who specializes in managing and receiving the vendors, oversees the timeline and keeps things moving on pace throughout your wedding, helps answer questions and deal with any issues that arise on your big day, so you can focus on being present.

So why do professionals charge so much for "day of" coordination, after all it is just one day!

A professional wedding coordinator has handled many weddings and running a business. She is insured, pays taxes, pays her staff, has an emergency bag on hand, etc. So there are many perks that come along with hiring a professional. But there's more. They are the ones spending time before your wedding going over the details to make sure your plans are good and you really are ready for your wedding day.

Our service is called month of coordination (many professionals also call it wedding management) and our service starts closer to 45 days out. You may be thinking..."What?!? Why?!? We just need help on our wedding day!! Just one day!" We do this to help you meet your final deadlines which are often 30 days prior to your wedding. We help gather all your vendors insurance to provide it to the venue when it's required. We also provide a questionnaire and guide you through building a basic timeline that we then elaborate into a detailed timeline that is somewhere between 4-8 pages long. The timeline we create shows where every vendor, bridal party member or wedding VIP will be and when throughout the entire day. We are available for questions and help pull all the little details together in the days leading up to the wedding. We also connect with all your vendors in advance and ensure we are ready to be a team on your wedding day. We plan and run your rehearsal for you and provide tips to help your wedding ceremony go smoothly as well. Then on the day of your wedding, we are ready to start answering emails, texts and calls from the time we wake up until we leave the venue. We work hard on your wedding day. We set up your decor, guide vendors to the right locations at the venue, set out place settings, come up with creative solutions when something goes differently than planned and keep things on track. We love what we do and it really is a lot more work than just one day when wedding coordination is done well. After all, how can you expect a coordinator to just show up on your wedding day without preparing and expect things will go smoothly?

I recommend that every couple that is planning a wedding hire a coordinator (for obvious reasons), but also because we want you to have the best day ever!

Nomenclature aside, planning the entire wedding without a wedding planner is a lot of work can can be stressful enough, so the least you can do is hire someone so your friends & family members are not the ones stressing to execute your plans for you. Don't you want them to enjoy themselves as a guest at your wedding, even if it is just one day?

Photo by Jessie Caballero Photography

After reading this if you have decided, you could use help, but it's not quite this. You need something a little more than just the wedding coordination package but you've already booked your venue and a DJ. We can help!! Send us a note and we can build a package that is unique to your specific wedding planning needs.

Talk to you soon!

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