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What's the Theme?

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

You know you talk about something a lot when your kids start repeating it. We talk about themes a lot around here and now hear our kids asking what are the themes for their friends birthday parties. We talk about themes a lot because we think they are important. They set the scene, inspire the colors & decor and ultimately set the mood for your guests!

We worked in entertainment prior to owning our own event planning company. Disney trained us in a way that taught us to consider every last detail. There is a story behind each party. If it is a birthday party for a child, the story is about that child, his or her interests and that is the starting point for the theme. Let's be real though, it is often their favorite character at the time. For a wedding, it is often the couple's love story of the couple. It is how they met, how they grew together and where they are now. It could be also be as elaborate as a circus for a corporate party with performers and rides.

While we understand most couples are not planning their weddings on a Disney budget, we do know there are ways to pull in a theme and interweave it throughout your wedding or party in a way that creates touch points and reminders to your guests. Here are some of our favorite ways:

1. Color - pick a color that you love and resonates with your theme. If your theme is "Dinner in a Garden" then neutral / natural colors work well. Green is an obvious choice for a garden theme, although you really cannot go wrong with any color. There are so many shades of greens to choose from, but one of our current favorites is sage.

2. Invitations - the design of your invitation is the first thing the guests will see that cues them as to what to expect at your event. Make sure you play with your event color as a part of the design. Keeping with the garden theme you could add floral designs, trees, fountains or even bees as a part of the invites.

3. Dress code / Attire - Tell your guests on the invitations what to wear. This is not bossy, it is really helpful. Guests feel more comfortable knowing if they need to wear formal attire which often indicates a full length gown or black tie verses casual chic which is often sundresses and khaki pants. This part doesn't cost you a thing and is a strong indicator for your guests of what to expect.

4. Textiles / Linens - A farmhouse table with eucalyptus runners gives a different feeling than round tables with white linens. If there are full table settings including multiple forks, knives, wine glasses and more, it tells your guests that a full sit down dinner is about to take place and that they should be using their best manners. The farmhouse tables with a single glass, fork and knife instantly cues a more casual dinner.

5. Music - pick songs that provide an audio cue to your guests about your theme. If you want to have a vintage vibe, playing the top 40 on repeat will not resonate as clearly as Makin' Whoopee! by Bing Crosby or A Kiss to Build a Dream on by Louis Armstrong.

These are just a few ways that help your theme develop. Every aspect from your floral arrangements to your decor accent pieces play a part. We love helping our clients fine tune these and pulling it all together. We'd love to help you have fun building out the theme for your next party as we guide you through that process!

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