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'Til Death Do Us Part

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

We have talked about theming in the past but is there a better day to talk about it more in depth? Halloween is the ultimate holiday when it comes to going all out. You don't have to be a pro to have access to all kinds of goodies, decorations and fun! But tying a look together still takes time and patience.

Trista reached out to me with her idea to pull together a Halloween inspired shoot. I love her photography and knew this would be a fun challenge. So we started texting and chatting and texting some more. (There were a lot of texts!) We would discuss ideas and try and build them up one at a time. Then, we each went shopping to find some additional pieces that would be unique and add an extra touch of Halloween to our shoot. One thing that is always important to me is ensuring our events are sustainable, so you will notice some natural elements, vintage candelabras and nothing disposable was used.

Details were taken into consideration along every step. We were excited that every vendor was on board with us as well in telling this spooky love story. Each vendor added his or her own detailed element and it's like a Halloween scavenger hunt when you look for all the fun surprises. Why is this important? Why spend the time and the energy to put into these small details? We think it is important for a few reasons.

  1. Help Guests Enjoy their Down Time Yes, you will feel crazy busy on your wedding day because every last second is planned. You have to start getting ready early in the day and then are the center of attention throughout whereas your guests have some down time. They will arrive and wait for the ceremony to begin. Then each will likely enjoy the appetizers and a delicious beverage during cocktail hour. They will find their seating assignment and wait for the grand entrance, speeches and dinner. Guests will also watch your dances before the dance floor opens for them to join in the fun. While all of this is happening, why not let them piece together the clues and have fun learning about all the efforts you & your vendor team put into the wedding to keep them entertained during the entire event.

  2. It creates a Cohesive Feeling Cohesiveness feels good. It's jumping in a car to go for a drive and the difference between a smooth ride vs one that is a little (or a lot) on the bumpy side. You want your guests to experience the flow and consistency that makes your wedding or party feel complete. After all, you want them to want to stay until the very end of the night.

  3. It's fun! People like to solve problems, puzzles and riddles. This is why theme parks and escape rooms are so popular! Because even as adults we want to relax and turn off our day to day lives for a few hours. Creating that opportunity for your guests to be excited about the points in between the main events is just fun.

No matter what the reason you decide to create a theme to build your event around, know that your work will be noticed. And if it seems overwhelming, that is what we are here for! We are here to help you find & create your story!

Take a look at our teaser & let me know how many amazing details can you find?

Video by Jeremy Foster Films

Happy Halloween!

Killer Vendors:

Planner & Designer: @ebelingevents

Videographer: @jeremyfosterfilms

Dress, Crown & Garter: @lilibridals

Bridal Cape & Veil: @julieharrisdesigns

Bridal Shoes & Earrings: @perfectdetails

Tuxedo & Groom's Extras: @friartux

Groom's Tie: @rachelparkties

Rings & Flat Lay Extras: @wadeandwillowjewelry

Invitation Suite, Menu, Placecards: @poppyandbirchca

Leather Jacket & Calligraphy: @signsofourlives

Custom Wig Designer & Make Up Artist: @beautybyautumn

Bride Model: @autumnontuesdays

Groom Model: @ar_on_ig

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