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What songs should we select for our wedding day?

If I ask you what's your favorite song, you either instantly know or you may freeze in panic. There are so many! I mean I have a favorite song I like to dance to when I am out with my friends and another I station I tune into when I want to relax a bit. So picking one favorite, well it depends...

One thing we see our clients do is put off the seemingly super easy tasks because they have plenty of time to figure that out later. Right? We get it and normally, it's something you can pick away at as you go. But since we all have a lot of down time right now, why not take some of that time and focus on the easy tasks?

One of those to-dos is selecting the music for your wedding. Why is it important? It sets the mood for your event. Do you ever walk into a store and notice the music playing? It helps to set the tone for what they want you to feel while shopping. In a store like Abercrombie, the music is loud and high energy. They want you to remind you to feel young & free. When you walk into a store like Pottery Barn, the music is soft and soothing. This is to help you feel relaxed and calm. They want you to feel comfortable in the store like you’d be comfortable in your own home. You should select music that will help set the tone for your guests.

Let’s start with getting ready. What songs do you want to listen to as you are getting ready? This is a long day. You don’t have to make a full play list but you can always tell your bridal / groom squad if there is a song you definitely want to hear. You can also share if there is something that should not be played. It’s your day so in a sense, you control the radio!

As your wedding begins, you may want to start with a more laid-back selection as guests enter and take their seats for your ceremony. Maybe you pick up the beat a little for cocktail hour to help keep the energy increasing as the evening progresses. Once dinner is done and it’s time for people to dance, the music should really increase in energy. Finally, as the evening is wrapping up, you can tone it down once again.

There are also specific songs you need to select. Here are a few you should pick out:


1. The processional (possibly more than one if you want to walk down the aisle to a song different from the wedding party)

2. Any songs that are part of the ceremony

3. The Recessional

Photo by Next Exit Photo


1. Speech Intros

2. Bridal Party Intros

All the important moments

1. Dances: First Dance, Father / Daughter, Mother / Son, Money, Siblings, Children

2. Grand Entrance / Grand Exit

3. Cake cutting

4. Bouquet Toss & Garter Toss

5. Surprise Flash Mob

The Last song(s) of the evening

Of course, you’ll work with your DJ who will be able to read the guests and change the tone as needed, mix out a song that isn’t resonating and extend one that is. They can also suggest some songs that work well at weddings and steer you away from those that clear the dance floor. A few DJs we have worked with and think will be able to make your wedding extra amazing are Hey Mister DJ, DJ Kamayo and Matt from Bouquet Sound. We would love to partner with any of them again as we know they will help make your wedding day look and sound great!

Happy Planning


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