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Sustainable Events - We can do better!

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Celebrations are a luxury and how lucky are we that we have the ability to host so many on behalf of our clients. The event industry is known for being lavish. Bigger is better, right? It can definitely be wasteful that's for sure. So with that knowledge, we feel like we owe it to everyone to be better about creating solutions that are less wasteful. That's why we post on our home page, "We particularly love working with people who want to incorporate sustainability and philanthropy into their events."

We recently produced a nearly waste free wedding. We worked with the couple and created solutions including no single use plastic or paper products. We look for decor options that are not single use. For example, we purchased a used antique mirror for the welcome sign that could be re-purposed into house decor after the wedding instead of printing individual programs for the guests. We rented glassware and plate ware for the food service and asked the guests to reuse their glasses throughout the night for their beverages. We hosted the wedding onsite of an environmental nonprofit organization that also has a compost bin, so we worked with the caterer to compost any leftovers appropriately. The money paid for the site rental was used to plant additional native trees which in turn also helps the native birds and animals.

When our clients are in a situation that single use products are the only option (glass is not permitted in a venue or is dangerous like at a pool), we encourage using products like bamboo plates, forks and spoons. We prefer guests ditch straws altogether but if they want them, paper or avocado are a great eco-friendly option.

We also discourage our clients from using products that are bad for the environment like glitter. If balloons are used, we ask they be latex and never Mylar as those are no biodegradable. Latex balloons must be properly disposed of so they have a chance to biodegrade without harming animals.

Education and incorporating environmental impact into the conversation early in the planning process is how we can best guide our clients. We are a fairly wasteful industry. So we are extremely proud to be a leader in this industry in creating change for the better. We can all do better!


We just want to share that right now the earth is breathing easier than she has in a long time. People are driving less or not at all, most planes are grounded and people are more acutely aware that using our resources is important. Some fun ideas to get involved today from home, is to plant some seeds or go to your local nursery to get some vegetable and fruit bearing varieties as well as spices and garnishes. This will give you options to shop from your backyard or balcony. You can also get a compost for your home to reduce your trash.

Another thing we urge you to do is to reuse items whenever you can. Yes, your old t-shirt can be made into a mask or those tp rolls can be given to your child for an art project. Think twice before just tossing it. Maybe you don't have kids but your neighbor does? Ask them if they are interested. It can be left on their porch for a contact-free pick up and even sit outside for a couple days to ensure any germs are off them.

We got a puppy about 8 weeks ago and one thing we have started doing is using reusable rags to clean up a mess instead of always jumping towards the paper towels. The rags are just as effective in cleaning and toss them in the wash to be used again and again.

What's one thing you can commit to doing today that will help us be better stewards of our planet?

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