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More paperwork - the marriage license

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

So we put together a planning timeline, we have been hiring all our vendors and reviewing so many contracts our heads are spinning and we even purchased wedding insurance! Now you're telling us there is MORE paperwork?

Yes, we are & yes there is!

Your marriage license is essential because it is what makes it official. You know for taxes (YAY - more paperwork, but that's for another day!) You have to head down to your local registrar's office to complete a form, pay for and obtain yours prior to your ceremony. It costs $91 in Los Angeles county* but is good throughout the entire state of California. So if you are getting married in Big Sur, but live in LA, you can pick up your marriage at home before you head up for your big day. The license is good for 90 days from when you pick it up, so we encourage our clients to head down at the 3 month mark and check this off their to do lists early!

If you are getting married in another state, you will need to check with their requirements since the requirements and laws vary.

In Arizona, for example, the marriage license is good for 12 months from the date you pick it up, but you have to have it signed by your officiant and witnesses and return it within 30 days of your wedding ceremony date to be valid and officially recorded. The cost is only $83*.

Both parties, yes both fiancés (isn't it fun to say you have one!?!) have to go together and have to provide their valid photo IDs - government issued of course! Your driver's license or passports are typically the most convenient. You should 100% make a date with your fiancé (yup - we said it again), grab lunch together and enjoy the celebration of this moment!

Congrats - you are one step closer to saying "I do!"


*Pricing is accurate at the time of posting, but are subject to change. Sorry - we are not in charge of this!

Photo by: Elyana Photography

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