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Insuring your BEST DAY EVER!

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Having insurance for your wedding day can be extremely helpful in many situations. Things come up. Challenges arise and all your perfect planning cannot cover you when the unforeseen happens. A few examples include...a health emergency arises and a vendor cancels on you last minute, leaving you in a lurch and having to find a replacement in the hours before your wedding. Your car could get broken into and wedding items could be stolen. There could be weather related issues that cause your venue to shut down. We’ve seen all of these instances and wedding insurance comes to the rescue! 

Wedding insurance covers you when you have any issues with your vendors, damage to your property, weather issues and it even covers stolen gifts. While we all would like to think our own wedding day will go perfectly and none of this will occur, you are spending thousands of dollars and we believe it’s worth the investment of a couple hundred dollars in order to cover you in all of these cases. Most policies will cover injuries or even sickness for the bride and groom. Review your policy options carefully prior to purchasing to ensure everything you want covered is in fact covered!

Where can you purchase a wedding insurance policy?

You can get wedding insurance from your home insurance policy provider. You can also look at other companies including Wedsure, Wedsafe, and The Event Helper.* If you Google wedding insurance, many of these companies will pop up and you can choose the one that is right for you and your fiancé.

Vendors Insurance

We also recommend talking with all of your vendors regarding their insurance. About 50% of the venues today are requiring proof of insurance from the vendors (COI). Some of the venues even require that you list them as additional insured (AI) on the vendor’s policy. This is something to talk about prior to finalizing your contracts. You want to make sure that this is not an additional charge to you after you have already signed with the vendor. We are fully insured and do not charge our clients anything additional for adding an AI or providing a COI to the venue!

Insurance can definitely be one of the confusing topics and something forgotten about when planning a wedding. We hope these tips are helpful and offer you insight into how to best handle this for your wedding.

Happy wedding planning & Insurance Purchasing!

*We do not endorse any of the insurance companies and make NO compensation off you purchasing a plan, but our couples have used all of them at one point or another.

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