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Planner Power Perspective: A Blog Series all about Wedding Planning

The Planner Power Perspective is a group of professional wedding planners who have been collaborating behind the scenes for years. We decided to come together to share our expertise in a group setting so that you can learn and benefit from all of our collective minds. We meet regularly to discuss the ins and outs of the business. It has been incredibly beneficial during the Covid-19 Pandemic when weddings came to an abrupt stop.

Our group and team mentality has allowed us to study, learn and grow together. Even though we are competitors, we believe that we that there is room for all of us to support the clients that we are made to help.

We decided to launch our new blog with a series focused on the Covid-19 Pandemic. So ready or not, here it is. You can access each planners blog by clicking on their company's name below.

Planner Power Perspective Series #1

A Complete Blog Series on Planning Your Wedding During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Blog 1 - Dress Shopping by Ink and Rose Events

Blog 2 - Wedding Day, What to Expect Upon Arrival by Cassie Howard Events

Blog 3 - Wedding Ceremonies During Pandemic by Nahid Global

Blog 4 - Cocktail Hours During Pandemic by Meridian Events

Blog 5 - How Reception Service May Change For Weddings During the Pandemic by our team here at Ebeling Events

Blog 6 - How Receptions May Change Aesthetically During Pandemic by The Blushing Details

Blog 7 - Cancelling Or Postponing Your Wedding co-written by Kiss and Say I Do & Perfect the Event

Blog 8 - Wedding Day Insurance Coverage by Dee Lee Designs

Please feel free to follow up with any questions and when you are ready to plan your wedding, we are here to help you have the best day ever!

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