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Out with the Old & In with the New

It's almost a new year. FINALLY!

2021 is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more ready to start over. I mean 2020 has provided us with a curve ball that nobody saw coming. Did you have any idea? Any foresight to know that the US and the entire world would be slamming on its breaks and swerving into a Pandemic that would effectively shut us down? Sadly it’s not completely over yet.

However, there is hope with the vaccine starting to be administered. I am so grateful that Madison, the bride from our first wedding of 2020, has received her first of two shots! You may be surprised that anyone got married in 2020. Yes, she was able to get married in January in the beautiful Oak Room at Calamigos Ranch. Her friends and family were able to attend. We were able to dance and eat cake. It was the wedding to kick off what we thought would be our best season yet. Instead, she headed back to Texas to begin working back to back shifts in the hospital. And after two more weddings, we effectively shut down for 2020 because it wasn’t safe to host the large events we had been planning. So while our year wasn’t exactly as planned, there is hope as we look forward.

Have you seen the meme that says, “Look out! 2020 is about to turn 21 and start drinking!” Now that’s a scary thought. I’m hopeful that while 2021 may start off like your drunk college roommate, it will turn into your beautiful best friend who is always by your side. Can you picture your life without that person? I am betting that is how we will feel about the end of 2021 when this craziness will be behind us!

What can we really look forward to in 2021?

Slow, meaningful progress every day. There are a few things that we should do before we set our goals. We need to look back at where we have been. What worked & what didn’t? You don’t want to waste your time on things that weren’t good in the first place. Get rid of them. This is your chance to pivot. What are the things you do really well or are really excited about? Let’s focus on those things, and make the choice to get rid of the old stuff that is just in your way. It can be hard to walk away from things that you thought were going to be an integral part of your wedding. In 2020 that was dancing and receptions in many cases. Or it was a specific date that you had planned for? Many people might feel like it’s not a big deal, but let me tell you it is. If it is the thing that was important to you then it is important. Period. The good news is that you can change its importance. You get to decide to let it go and shift your mindset to say, this new date is great, too. Or maybe it is even better.

This leads us into the next step which is casting a vision for your wedding. You may be thinking, that of course you already have a wedding Pinterest page with 564 pins of your wedding vision. It is done. You may have even done more and are working with a wedding planner and designer that has helped you bring this vision to fruition. I want you to take it one. step. further. Let’s first decide that change is okay. That different is going to be better. That our plans evolved in order to give us the best option we didn’t know existed! Now, decide that your updated plans are your vision. Focus on that positive feeling and excitement and I promise it will grow inside you. I had a friend elope with his fiancé yesterday and it rained. The only rainy day in a really long time where they are, so they added umbrellas. Then they ended up eating Chinese food take out in their hotel room with their kids. I guarantee this was not the wedding they had planned on having in 2020. They wanted to have a huge celebration but they had to change their vision to make it work for them today. Now they may still have an amazing party next year, but for now they are married. And that was the most important thing to them so they shifted their mindset and made it happen!

You can, too! In order to really thrive and enjoy whatever we are dished in 2021, we are going to have to let go of the things that are gone. You can get rid of whatever bad vibes you still have from missing out on your plans from 2020 and throw them away. You can pick up new plans, smile and say YES, this is it. These are all ours and we are ready to grow them into what will work for us. Let’s focus on our hope for what we do have to look forward to as we ring in a new year and a new season. It will be better. One day at a time!

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