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Money, Money, Money

This week we attended a networking meeting that talked about Money Matters. There were 3 speakers discussing financials in creative entrepreneurship. It was a great opportunity for vendors coming together to do better for themselves, the industry and ultimately their clients. We were excited to see many vendors we partner with including Trista Maja Photography, Crystal Lily Photography, LA Speak Easy, Tastebuds Catering, Sugar Studio LA, La Pinata Party Rentals, Liz Coopersmith Consulting, Miguel Garcia Studios, Monica Linda Photography, Cantor Marc, Amazing Officiants, Oh Snaptastic Photo Booth, Lori’s Flowers, Letter Bliss, Do the Damn Thing Show, Senor Amor, DJ Keelez and many, many more. Plus several of our planner friends.

Why does this matter to our clients? To you? We believe in building strong relationships with other vendors in order to make working together on your event smooth and easy! We also believe ongoing education is essential to staying relevant. This means we attend networking events on the regular to connect with other vendors and learn from our peers. It means we attend speaking engagements by industry leaders to learn more about specific topics we know will help improve our business. It means we have a coach that helps guide us to make decisions that allow us to be the most productive team for our clients and keeps us motivated to do our best work which means the best results for YOU!

This week were heard and learned from Katy Chen Mazzara and Allyson Byrd. Both had great messages. We took away a ton and are still unpacking everything. A couple things we took away that we feel can benefit our clients planning their next event are:

1. Your Identity is borrowed. It is a huge portion of who you are now, but it can change. Your vision is what you want for the future (your wedding, birthday party, nonprofit fundraiser). So what do you want? We can help you make this happen while ensuring your guests have a great time!

2. Create Space. Give yourself the opportunity to really think. Make time where you can really think, so you can hear yourself. Is what you’ve been spending time doing and thinking about actually important to tomorrow? (Do you have a mom-zilla who is driving you crazy trying to plan your wedding her way and it is just not your vision?) By creating space, you may try going on a daily walk alone, meditating or just sitting in your car when you arrive at work for a couple minutes. This will help give you the mental & physical space to find your direction.

3. Have faith in yourself. You are unique. You are important. You are valuable.

You may be wondering what in the world this all has to do with money and financials. We think it has everything to do with them. Once you really know your vision and you are ready to move forward, it will be much easier to make decisions and hire the right team to help you execute it all, saving you both time and money. We can help guide you through the process like a great coach guides his/her team to a victory. We go so far as to say we are project managers for weddings and events, because we know staying on budget and on purpose will make your wedding, corporate gala, birthday party be extra amazing.

Now that you have 17 questions you want to talk through and 32 ideas you want help processing, email me. Today. I am eager to keep the conversation going!

Kim Ebeling, Owner

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