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Marry Me?

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

When you have finally found the one who is your match and helps you be the best you can be & you no longer can imagine life without your person, it’s time. It’s time to pop the question – to make it official. But how? You can skip to the good part “How do I go about planning?” or read a few fun facts first!

Fun Facts

Did you know the act of a marriage proposal that included giving a gold ring goes all the way back to Ancient Rome. It was a gesture to show that a couple was going to get married very soon, so other suitors would know the bride to be was taken. However, some men used it to trick a woman into sleeping with him before they got married and then leave the woman.

Are we surprised by this? Nope!

But we are glad that as we fast forward to today, that marriage isn’t the only option. We don’t have to rush into getting married in order to leave our parents’ home. We can get an education, travel and mature a bit. We can wait longer until we truly find ourselves, and know what we want to meet our soul mate, our person and fall in love. Now, that’s a great time to get married!

A man hired Ebeling Events to set up a Malibu Beach Picnic in order to surprise his girlfriend, drop down to one knee and ask for her to marry him. She said yes and they had a great charcuterie box to enjoy and a fun photo session during sunset.
A man proposed to his now fiancé on the beach in Malibu

Did you ever wonder why does one get down on their knee to propose? It’s a sign of admiration, respect, servitude, obedience and loyalty. All of these are signs of letting another person know that you really care about them and their well-being. So maybe the proposals on the Bachelor shows should remain standing…as they seem to be mostly about their 15 minutes of fame, but for couples who know without a shadow of a doubt that their person is the one they cannot live happily ever after without, then by all means, it’s time to drop down to one knee!

How do I go about planning it?

There are so many options now as to how to propose to your significant other. What’s the right way? We believe the best way, is one that is special to you! We love helping pull of surprise proposals. From the beach at sunset, to high rise overlooking the city; from a scavenger hunt, to an intimate backyard dinner, it should be about your love story. It should be a logical next step for you two as a couple – which could also be completely spontaneous if that’s you!

Ebeling Events set up this beautiful picnic with picnic table, blanket, pillows, candles, roses, and additional decorations. They also had a yummy brunch box with a mix of pastries, chesses, nuts, crackers & fruit along with cold beverages including Orange Juice & Cold Brew Coffees. What a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning on the Beach in Malibu with Malibu Beach Picnics.
Malibu Beach Picnic with a delicious Brunch Charcuterie Board

The Perfect Picnic

Because we are near the beach in Malibu, our specialty is beach picnic proposals. If the beach is your special spot, allow us to help arrange a magical picnic for you to share before or after you pop the question. We have several spots we recommend as well as different styles to ensure no picnic is exactly the same. The picnic can include food like a delicious charcuterie board or we can help you arrange a reservation at a great local restaurant.

We also want to make sure you never forget the moment, so we would love to arrange for a photographer to capture it all. We recommend using this as your mini engagement shoot as well, so you can have some great photos for holiday cards or your Save the Dates. If you want to add a videographer, too, that’s an option. We can make it as a simple or elaborate as you want. We will work with you to help create the perfect picnic for you & your soon to be fiancé! Isn’t that fun to say?

Sal wanted to ask Sarah for her hand in marriage.  He hired Ebeling Events to set up a picnic styled engagement area surrounded by dozens of gorgeous red roses in a heart shape, candles and decorations on a beach in Malibu. He proposed and she said yes.  Here they kiss holding hands in front of the Pacific Ocean.
The newly engaged couple kisses on the Beach in Malibu surrounded by a heart of red roses.

Are you ready for what’s next? Contact us ASAP as it IS officially engagement season & let us know what you have in mind or we can brainstorm together to create your Perfect Proposal!

Email us at for more information!

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